Circles, Clubs, and Centers

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Circles, Clubs, and Centers

Posted by Michelle Boyd in General

Want to switch things up? Bored with the same schedule? Frustrated that your current schedule doesn't allow for Literature Circles/Book Clubs and Math Centers?

The following outline is a rotation system that takes place once a day, during one block of time (45 minutes), for a week (5 days):

  • Divide the class into five groups of six or seven students. If you plan on using this time for guided reading or intervention, you will need some homogenous groupings.
  • You only need to prep one activity for each "station" since each group will rotate daily through them. Ideas for stations may include Literature Circle/Guided Reading (teacher facilitated), Math Task, Writer's Club, Silent Reading, Compass Learning. You need five for each day of the week.
  • Create a wheel to rotate the groups each day. Great ideas for making a Rotation Wheel: (picture is a link)



On Monday, 

GREEN Group is at a Literature Circle (with the teacher)

RED Group is solving a Math Task

YELLOW Group is editing/discussing writing in a Writer's Club

ORANGE Group is working on Compass Learning

BLUE Group is silent reading 

Rotate the wheel at the end of the day and you are ready for Tuesday!

When I used this organizational strategy in my classroom, I implemented it during the instructional block after lunch. I loved how I was able to meet with a small group of students each day while the remaining students in the class were engaged in another dynamic activity.


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