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Our Work with Tina Pelletier

Tina P Focus Folders        
        Recently, the TOSAs 
had the opportunity to share with the OUSD Board about the district's work with Tina Pelletier. You can view the presentation slides here
. The thought occurred to me that, although many of you have worked extensively with Tina, there may be some of you in the upper grades who don't know much about her or our work with her.
Tina came to our district in the Spring of 2016 through a teacher at Joe Nightingale. She met with the teachers there and did professional development around using data to pinpoint reading intervention. The outcome of that experience was our district's first introduction to the power of Focus Folders, a systematic way to pinpoint student needs based on data.  Since that time, the district has expanded our collaboration with Tina to include work with leadership teams, each school site, and a summer ELA/ELD Institute. 
Tina's book, How Do I Plan and Teach Reading Groups?, and the website that goes with it provide practical instructional strategies for each level of a student's reading development. She also has a strong knowledge of our adopted ELA/ELD curriculum and has helped increase the use of that curriculum.
Tina is the most knowledgeable consultant I have ever worked with. We pepper her with questions whenever she is here (and often by email when she isn't).  Her answers are always based on research and evidence as well as professional experience. We conducted a Google survey a few months ago to give teachers an opportunity to share their experiences with Tina. Many of your comments confirm the positive impact she has had on teachers and students. (You may still complete the survey here if you wish). 
        Along the way we have amassed a great deal of articles, tools, and instructional strategies to use. Links to all the OUSD Tina resources, including videos, handouts, and procedures can be found here

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