English Learner Program

The goal of the district English Learners' Program is for English Learners to achieve fluency in English while succeeding academically. The program has enlisted the help of classroom teachers who serve as English Learners' Facilitators (ELFs); these teachers track the progress of English Learners at their sites and serve as a resource for their colleagues and principals. The program delivers specialized English Language Development (ELD) instruction to English Learners who are at the "beginning" and "early intermediate" levels on the California English Language Development Test (CELDT). The program also provides instructional materials that teachers use to assist English Learners.

The English Learners' Program provides support to English Learners and their families. It employs community liaisons who assist parents with school-home communication and with special issues that impact students. As needed, it assigns interpreters to parent-teacher conferences and other school events.

The District English Learners' Advisory Committee (DELAC), a group of parents that meets twice a year, provides input for the English Learners' Program. At DELAC meetings, parents receive updates on the program and contribute feedback and ideas. DELAC meetings also feature presentations on parenting, community resources for parents, and other pertinent topics.

Schools within the Orcutt Union School District with 21 or more students identified as English Learners (EL) have an English Learners' Advisory Committee (ELAC), a group of parents that meets four times per year and provides input for the school sites' English Learners' Program and learns about student progress. The school site ELAC does have the authority to combine their meetings with the School Site Council, as long as a representative of ELAC serves on School Site Council.

Program Goals

The goals of the English Learners Program (EL) are aligned with the state program for English Learners:

  • To develop fluency in English and proficiency in the district's core curriculum as rapidly and as effectively as possible.
  • To promote students' positive self-concept.
  • To promote cross-cultural understanding and provide equal opportunity for academic achievement on high and challenging standards.

For more information on the English Learners' Program, please contact Leticia Velasco, Bilingual Secretary, at 938-8937 lvelasco@orcutt-schools.net or Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services Dr. Holly Edds by phone at 938-8929 or by e-mail at hedds@orcutt-schools.net

Categorical Programs that support English language learners include:

EIA (Economic Impact Aid)

Funds from this program provide supplemental funding to support additional programs and services for English learners and economically disadvantaged students.

 ELAP (English Language Acquisition Program)

Funds from this program are used to support the English Learners by purchasing books and supplies as well as for ongoing assessments.

Title III

Funds from this program provide supplemental funding to support English Language Development hourly teachers, training for classroom teachers and administrators, and to support additional programs for English Learners.


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