Inter/Intra District Information

Inter/Intra District Transfers 2020/21

InterDistrict Transfer Requests

Students who live outside the boundaries of Orcutt Union School District and wish to attend a school in the Orcutt Union School District may apply for enrollment during Open Enrollment. The Open Enrollment period for InterDistrict Transfer Requests is from March 1st through April 15th. Applications for InterDistrict Transfers are available at your school district of residence. Once your district of residence has released your student(s), you may apply to attend the Orcutt Union School District. Due to space limitations, only a very limited number of new transfers are accepted by Orcutt Union School District each year. InterDistrict students are placed only after all IntraDistrict Transfer Requests have been granted.

Students who live in the Orcutt Union School District but wish to attend a school in another district may enter into an InterDistrict Transfer Agreement between Orcutt Union School District and the school district of choice. Please complete the InterDistrict Transfer Form (Related Documents) and bring it to the Enrollment Office for verification. Once approved, the form would be taken to the district of choice. The receiving district may or may not accept the transfer.

IntraDistrict Transfer Requests

Students living within the boundaries of Orcutt Union School District may request attendance in another school located within the boundaries of Orcutt Union School District during the open enrollment period. The Open Enrollment period for IntraDistrict Transfer Requests is from March 1st through April 15th. Placements are made based on space availability at the requested school. Please complete an IntraDistrict Transfer Form (Related Documents) and submit the form to the Enrollment Office.

  • District transportation will not be provided.
  • Approval will be granted on the basis of space availability after families who live in the attendance area are placed.
  • Approval may be revoked at any time if the student fails to comply with school attendance, student performance and discipline policies.
  • If there are more students desiring a transfer than space allows, a lottery will be held. After all school resident students are enrolled, the order for placement is:
    1. Student is currently attending the school due to a previously approved transfer or having resided in the attendance area immediately prior to this request.
    2. Student's parent is a permanent employee of Orcutt Union School District.
    3. Student has a sibling attending the school during the same academic year.
    4. Student has a need for childcare within the attendance area of the requested school and the care is verified by the childcare provider.
    5. All other Orcutt Union School District students requesting transfers.

Further Information

Parents will be notified in writing of InterDistrict Transfer decisions.

If you have further questions, please contact Carol J. Sutton at 805.938.8946 or by email at

The Enrollment Office is located at 500 Dyer Street, Old Town Orcutt.


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