Medication Administration

Medication Administration at School

What is the importance of proper medication administration?

· There are a growing number of children who are chronically ill and require medications to remain stable, healthy and fully functioning.

· Without effective medication administration, children dependent on medications may fail to achieve academic success or live healthy lives.

What does the law require of schools regarding medication administration?

· California Code of Regulations, Title 5, Education Code 49423

 - Allows designated school personnel to administer medication to students as allowed by law

· Prior to administration the school must obtain:

- An order from a proper healthcare provider stating medication, route, dose, and frequency for an individual

- A written statement from parent or guardian consenting for assistance regarding medication administration as stated by healthcare provider

- Medication provided to the school in the original, labeled container

What should NOT be done when administering medications?

· Do NOT administer unlabeled medications or medications with incomplete instructions

· Do NOT borrow medications from another individual

· Do NOT give expired or discolored medications

· Do NOT return unused medications back into their container if already removed

· Do NOT administer medication if all five rights have not been checked first.

What UNIVERSAL PRECAUTIONS should be taken in order to administer medications?

• Wash hands before and after giving medications


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