Measure G

Below is the list of projects for the Measure G Bond

  • Alice Shaw Site Safety Project is currently underway and includes perimeter fencing with a single entry access point, while school is in session. Additionally, a new bus pick-up/drop-off area is being constructed to improve student safety. This Project is scheduled to be completed on October 5, 2018.
  • Site safety projects at Joe Nightingale, Ralph Dunlap, Patterson Road, and Pine Grove are in the planning stages, and are scheduled for construction in the first quarter of 2019.
  •  Site safety projects at Orcutt Academy High School, and Olga Reed are in the early stages of design, and are scheduled for construction mid to late 2019.
  • Olga Reed and Orcutt Academy Charter K-8, located in Los Alamos is in the early planning stages of renovation of restrooms, cafeteria and classroom modernization.

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