Negotiations Update

February 13, 2020

Contract Negotiations between Orcutt USD and the Orcutt Educators Association

Dear Staff,

Orcutt USD and the Orcutt Educators Association (OEA) met for the 8th time this school year on February 13, 2020.  The bargaining teams have made significant progress after positive and collaborative negotiations resulting in agreement on 16 out of 19 topics.

The teams remain unable to agree on contract language regarding Class Size, Compensation, and Grievance Procedures.  As a result, Orcutt USD will be requesting the assistance of a state mediator through a legal process called impasse. 

Currently, Orcutt USD is proposing to maintain our current class sizes in order to be able to afford offering an ongoing raise of 2.55% retroactive to July 1, 2019.   A 2.55% raise would cost the District approximately $510,000 on an ongoing basis.  Our salary ranges in Orcutt USD would increase to between $49,557 and $100,043 per year for fully credentialed teachers.  In addition, current employees receive up to $18,675 per year for medical, dental and vision benefits.  Orcutt USD also contributes significant amounts to CalPERS and CalSTRS for employees’ retirement.

As I recently shared, throughout California, schools are experiencing declining student enrollment.  Orcutt USD is no exception.  Our current 8th grade enrollment is 570 students and our current kindergarten enrollment is 425 students.  If that change holds, we will see an overall decrease of 145 students year over year.  This year alone, our District-wide student enrollment was down 92 students.  A decrease of 92 students results in a revenue decrease of approximately $920,000 per year.  As we prepare next year’s budget, we are forecasting a loss of another 90 students, resulting in an additional decrease of about $900,000 in ongoing funding.  Although that funding decrease is significant, through adequate planning, Orcutt USD has been able to present a balanced budget and offer a significant raise to certificated employees while maintaining our current class sizes.

Orcutt USD is looking forward to successfully completing negotiations with OEA and hopes to be able to implement a raise for employees as soon as possible.

Dr. Deborah Blow

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