Covid-19 Dashboard

*Last updated at 6/1/2022 at 7:35 A.M.

Schools*Total Staff and StudentsTotal Confirmed Cases
Currently in Isolation
Alice Shaw Elementary5330
Joe Nightingale Elementary7685
Lakeview Junior High5162
Olga Reed School2010
Patterson Road Elementary6504
Pine Grove Elementary5306
Ralph Dunlap Elementary5319
Orcutt Academy Charter K-81615
Orcutt Academy Charter High School67234
Orcutt Junior High5403
Orcutt School for Independent Study1260

Important Reminders

If you or your student is a close contact, you will be notified. The Santa Barbara County Department of Public Health will work with Orcutt Union School District to notify you through the school to quarantine.

*Total Staff and Students number represents all students and staff who are on the school campus during regular school operating hours.

The Dashboard reflects cases of individuals who are lab confirmed positive COVID-19 cases who are currently in isolation per California Department of Public Health guidance and were presumed to be infectious while on an OUSD school campus.

The infectious period is determined by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and the Santa Barbara County Department of Public Health (SBCPHD) to be two days prior to the onset of symptoms or test date (whichever is first).

If an employee or student is not infectious while on campus the case will not be on the District dashboard. The District’s Dashboard mirrors the method in which the SBCPHD and CDPH determine the number of cases, infectious while on campus.

The total current confirmed cases includes both students and staff who are verified as positive cases.

Positive cases will appear on the OUSD dashboard until the student or staff member discontinues their isolation per CDPH guidelines.  A lab confirmed positive case will be reported on the dashboard after OUSD has verified the case as infectious while on a campus. Individual cases of COVID-19, who have been on the campus while infectious, are entered on the dashboard based on when OUSD was made aware of their COVID-19 test date and will be shown for 10 days from the onset of symptoms or test date (whichever is first). As an example, if an asymptomatic individual is confirmed positive, with a test date of September 1, 2021, the individual’s case will show on the dashboard from the date OUSD was made aware of the positive test through September 10, 2021. Note:  An individual’s return from isolation is also contingent upon meeting symptom requirements per CDPH guidelines and the the Santa Barbara County Public Health Department.

All cases are confidential. Information regarding individuals with COVID-19 symptoms, close contacts with someone who is COVID-19 positive, or individuals who have tested positive for the coronavirus, is sensitive, confidential information. Names and/or any further information will not be released.

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