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Where else can a student earn two diplomas at the conclusion of high school? This exclusive partnership with Allan Hancock College brings high school, Concurrent Enrollment and CollegeNow! classes together to create a high school diploma and Associate of Arts Degree Liberal Arts pathway – all within 4 years. With the amazing support of Orcutt Academy’s and Allan Hancock’s dedicated staff and 30 students working alongside each other, it’s an experience designed to challenge and support the most motivated students – and help them reach their full potential.

Only through the OAHS Early College Cadre.

Early College Cadre Prospective Student/Family Slides

Ecc Orientation

ca·dre (noun)

a small group of people specially trained for a particular purpose

When you join the Early College Cadre, you’re making a commitment of excellence along with 29 of your peers. With the tight knit culture you’ve come to expect at OA, members of your cadre will be grouped in a singularly focused Spartan Homeroom throughout your four years of high school.

4 + 2 = 4 ?

Early College Cadre (ECC) Grads earn a Fast Track Associate in Arts(A.A.) Degree in addition to a High School Diploma in Four Years

When you complete the ECC Pathway¹ consisting of high school, Concurrent Enrollment and College Now! courses taken at Orcutt Academy and Allan Hancock College you will also complete your two-year Liberal Arts A.A. Degree all within the four years of high school.

The AA Satisfies all AHC, CSU, and IGETC Categories. View the detailed pathway here.
View detailed Course Descriptions here.
ECC Pathway
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Support. We Got You Covered.

When you commit to the Early College Cadre, you have a team of support behind you to help you meet the challenges and rigors set forth. From registration to counseling to tutoring, OAHS and AHC are there to support you every step of the way.

Learn more about AHC Supports and view the full list on the AHC Student Support and Services website.

Ready for the challenge?

¹ The Early College Cadre Pathway class sequence may be subject to change based on AHC faculty and scheduling availability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Early College Cadre right for me?

Success in the OAHS Early College Cadre requires a solid partnership and commitment between teacher, parent, and student. We believe students with the following qualities will have greater success in the program:

• Highly motivated

• Strong work ethic

• Works independently

• Ability to to handle college-level work

• Organized

• Manages time wisely

• Ability to communicate

• Ability to self-advocate

If I enroll in the program, can I still do extracurriculars such as sports and band?

Yes! College Now! classes are scheduled to take place before the school day starts as to have minimal impact on extracurriculars.

For what length of time will I be enrolled in the program?

Participation in the program is expected to be a four year commitment.

When are CollegeNow! and Concurrent Enrollment classes scheduled?

College Now! courses offered at Orcutt Academy High School (OAHS) will be scheduled to start at 7:30 a.m. College Now! courses offered at Allan Hancock (AHC) or online during the summer terms will be scheduled by AHC and will vary based on faculty. Concurrent Enrollment courses offered on OAHS campus will be scheduled during the regular high school bell schedule.

Who will be in charge of teaching College Now! Classes?

All College Now! courses may be taught by Allan Hancock College (AHC) faculty or qualified Orcutt Academy Staff that have been approved to teach CollegeNow! courses.

What support is available for me?

Orcutt Academy High School offers a variety of supports for students. General tutoring is available before and after school as scheduled. Support sessions with high school teachers are available during Specialized Instruction period on Thursdays. You will have an Early College Cadre Spartan Homeroom with a teacher as well as the high school’s dedicated counseling staff. Additionally, as an Allan Hancock College (AHC) student, you will be eligible for AHC Student Supports and Services. Find out more information about the full list of AHC Student Supports and Services offered here.

How do I get textbooks and other materials for CollegeNow! Courses?

You can purchase textbooks and other required materials via the Allan Hancock College bookstore or any online vendor. Allan Hancock College and the Central Coast have plenty of resources to help you focus on your academics without having to worry about books! Check out the AHC Learning Resources for more information and support in acquiring textbooks and materials.

Will I receive school support services as a student in the Early College Cadre?

If a student begins struggling while participating in the program, a meeting will be scheduled with the student, parent(s)/guardian(s), counselor and an administrator. As a team, a determination will be made regarding next steps which could include the potential dismissal from the Cadre.

For students who have an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP), an IEP team meeting may be held prior to enrollment in the program to determine appropriateness as an educational option and outline any support services provided.

If I decide Early College Cadre isn’t for me, what happens?

Early College Cadre is a rigorous, competitive pathway designed for the most motivated students. If you decide the Early College Cadre isn’t a good fit for you, schedule a meeting with your high school counselor to discuss next steps. A meeting may be scheduled with the student, parent(s)/guardian(s), counselor and an administrator. As a team, a determination will be made regarding next steps.

Note, there is a substantial waitlist for ECC and once a spot is forfeited, it will be extremely unlikely for the student to be able to regain entry to the Cadre.

Who can I contact for more information?

Please contact Josh Ostini, Vice Principal of Orcutt Academy High School, at jostini@orcutt-schools.net or (805) 938-8550.

Home of the Spartans!

  • Best High School National Ranking US News & World Report - September 2023
  • Accrediting Commission for Schools Western Association of Schools and Colleges
  • 97% Students who Earn College Credit through Concurrent Enrollment
  • 60% Student Population with a 3.5 - 4.0 Grade Point Average
  • 100% Highly Qualified Teachers
  • 18 CIF Sports Across Divisions
  • 650 Total High School Students
  • 8th Percentile National Ranking among Eligible High Schools in the Country
  • 95% A-G Eligible upon Graduation
  • 2008 Year Orcutt Academy High School was Founded

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