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Welcome, Parents and Guardians!

Parental involvement is the key to success of students in the Orcutt Union School District. Parent and family education is important on a number of levels. It builds parent or guardian confidence and competency, empowers parents and families to make educational decisions, and improves understanding regarding a child’s academic, emotional, personal, and social development needs. In addition, parent and family education enhances a parent’s relationship with a child, and helps keep families up to date with contemporary issues and events that affect children. It also helps continue to strengthen the partnership between the school and home.

In an effort to enhance student achievement and help provide parents with a better understanding of their child’s school experience, the Orcutt Union School District offers a variety of informative topics through its Parent Education Program. These programs help parents and families support and guide their child’s education, and share ways to further support students as they do schoolwork at home. Thank you for your continued support of our students and schools. Together, we are guiding student success…one child at a time.

Thank you for your involvement in and support of your students’ education. Many valuable resources are included below for your review.

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Quick reference guide listing some of the services available in the Santa Maria Area.

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  • As the heart of the communities we serve, the Orcutt Union School District will foster high levels of student success through multiple pathways of learning. Our highly trained, dedicated staff will offer all students a world-class education, that leads the way in innovation and creativity, and will be known for its caring, collaborative and inclusive culture.​

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