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Injury & Illness Prevention Program

Orcutt Union School District’s Injury and Illness Prevention Program

Teachers that “Go Above & Beyond” to Support New Teachers 

If you are interested in becoming an Induction Mentor please contact:
MaryJane Dwyer
(805) 938-8914,

2022-23  Induction Mentors (stipened)/New Teacher Support

Alyssa Anadon
Rebecca Belanger
Deirdre Collison
Rosie Dell’Armo
Michele Frantz
Tess Hickey
Tracy Levey

Stacey Lovell
Joel Mason
Vada McKee
Meridith Nguyen
Lise Pawley
Cecilia Perez
Christin Pollock

Analise Riezebos
Monique Segura
Crystal Trotter
Jeff Wagonseller
Lisa Wilkanoski
Dustin Winkelpleck
Matthew Zich

2022-23  Site Support Mentors (no additional pay)

Teachers that work with new teachers, interns, and long term substitutes.

Elaine Furst
Linda Garza
Genevieve Millin
Caline Pugh
Christ Schmidt

2022-23  Master Teachers

Cheri Craft
Michele Frantz
Aaron Kozel
Genevieve Millin
Erica Phillips
Audrey Rohwedder
Michael Taubenheim

Our Vision

  • As the heart of the communities we serve, the Orcutt Union School District will foster high levels of student success through multiple pathways of learning. Our highly trained, dedicated staff will offer all students a world-class education, that leads the way in innovation and creativity, and will be known for its caring, collaborative and inclusive culture.​

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