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Human Resources

Human Resources

Employee Bargaining Unit Agreements

Teachers that "Go Above & Beyond" to Support New Teachers (2024-25)

If you are interested in becoming an Induction Mentor please contact:

MaryJane Dwyer
(805) 938-8914
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Induction Mentors (stipended)/New Teacher Support

Tiffany Barr

Jody Coffey

Daniel Coombs

Rosie Dell’Armo

David DuBransky

Roberta Hough

Dawn May

Karen Meyer

Ashley Miller

Meridith Nguyen

Erica Phillips

Audrey Rohwedder

Shannon Schmidt

Monique Segura

Kazan Westhoff

Lisa Wilkanowski

Jordan Willis

Lauren Zimmerman

Site Support Mentors (no additional pay)

Amy Chambless

Marissa Higgs

Christopher Schmidt


Master Teachers (hosting student teachers)

Myrna Taira

Lise Pawley

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