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Device Collection for OUSD School Students in grades Tk-8

Posted Date: 5/23/24 (6:01 PM)

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Get a head start on summer break! This email contains important information about returning Chromebooks and iPads for students in grades TK-8 and 12.

To ensure a smooth transition into summer break, please return all District-issued Chromebooks and iPads to your child's school no later than June 4th - Please look for information from your school site to specific return dates.

We kindly ask that all power cords and chargers are returned with the devices. 

To help with a quick and easy return process, please make sure devices are:

Fully charged


Power supply is wrapped up in a plastic ziplock baggie

If your child's Chromebook or iPad is damaged, please contact your child's media specialist as soon as possible to discuss repair options.  (Please return the power cord with the device - if you have lost the power cord, you can pay for it ($20) when you return the device - Thank you).

Help us expedite the process by returning devices on or before your school’s return date.

Thank you for your cooperation with our device collection efforts.

Thank you,

Orcutt Union School District

Technology Department

When school starts again in August, devices will be issued to students along with their other books and materials.